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Coffee, Hair, that order.

Weddings, weddings, October weddings are here! I have a wedding almost every weekend this month! Here is a recap of some amazing moments thus far... Coffee first... okay now we can start...

Amanda got married at a winery and wanted, full, soft curls with face framing pieces in the front. First we got her in the salon to do a wedding trial and tested out the two packages of extensions we picked out. We quickly realized that her hair needed to be colored to match the new hair.

So the next appointment we made, we did a color match with a two color weave throughout her whole head and a fresh gloss to keep it shiny and moisturized. The color came out perfect and we were able to match it to her new extensions for the wedding day! Over all we did a whole look to match her beautiful dress complete with makeup and long, lush lashes!

Last weekend I got to do three updos and three makeup applications on the bride and her family! They were doing an outdoor wedding on their property and wanted soft and natural looks. I set out a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and set up the space with aromatherapy and wine/beer on hand if needed! We had a great morning in the salon while getting them pretty and I truly enjoyed their humor and openness.

Next wedding will be at the end of the month and I am looking forward to helping her look and feel amazing! It will be in the beautiful small town of Los Osos where I grew up and the nature and peace there is very healing. I will post an update on the other looks I just created and the new one on the next blog!

Lastly, if you have a chance to go through Morro Bay, CA... my newest piece of art on display is featured at BRICKHOUSE BBQ on Main Street. It is called 'Spirit Animal Totem' and has a front and back painting in acrylic paint. There is an art walk and map available so you can see all of the surfboard art on the Central Coast! There are some amazing pieces and it is always fun to have an excuse to cruise the area. For more info click:


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