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Vintage Boudoir Makeover

Have you ever wanted to do something but you were too afraid? Have you wanted to look a certain way, or give off a certain vibe but fear wouldn't let you? I wanted to share with you my very first collaboration with the talented Bekah Nicholson whom is a great local photographer! I did the hair makeover...color, cut and style as well as the makeup for the photo shoot... and Bekah of course did the photos!

Now truth be told, we made sure that the models we selected for all of the shoots were open to all styles and photo ops, but that doesn't mean that they don't have some fears going into it. They have to trust that we will make them look and feel awesome! Sometimes that means reaching outside of your comfort zone and really pushing yourself in a way that is not normal for you. This movement is creating freedom from fear in our models. Real women that have real curves, that eat real food, that have real struggles and are still kind, giving, strong, nurturing, funny, dynamic, fierce, smart, and open to new possibilities in their lives! Each woman is very unique, very beautiful in their own way and have impacted lives.

Our first model comes from Australia and is wicked funny, a bit of a tom-boy and loves to have a good time. She cares deeply for people and has a big, golden heart, but also could probably drink you under the table. Our goal was to bring out the soft, sensual side of her, with a timeless look and a bit of a vintage feel. We wanted her hair to be a modern twist on the 20's era with a short 'Lob' (long-bob). I took her from a medium brunette to a copper and gold balayage to add warmth and vibrancy to her skin, and to pop out her blue eyes. The shape creates a more chiseled look to her face and compliments her neck and shoulders.

The makeup was more vintage inspired as well with pink lips and golds and bronze on her eyes. The lashes added drama and enhanced her features while not going too over the top. The scene was an 18th century refurbished farm house in rustic Paso Robles, CA and offered many great spots to capture the feeling we were aiming for. Of all the places in the house, the claw foot bathtub was my favorite and offered a vulnerable, yet beautiful setting for our model.

The experience was truly rewarding seeing our model come out of her shell in a new way and embrace her beauty and sexuality. It was fun to see her flip her hair around and look at her makeup in awe, find the sexy lady inside and then portray that in the photo shoot. Fear was overcome and a new confidence emerged which is what empowering each other and loving ourselves as we are is all about.

All Photography copyright and property of Bekah Nicholson Photography 2018

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