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Boss Lady Vibes

The purpose of that is a heavy thought. What if you were stuck... just finding your way through life, surviving but not really LIVING. That can happen to any of us as we move along on the road, just avoiding oncoming traffic and trying to get to the next gas station. But there is a moment in our lives where we find a crossroad, a literal pathway that says..what if. The sign says leave your highway and try this winding road that leads to the unknown heights of mystery, offering us breathtaking views of a new life journey. In this moment we become new, and everything is exciting again, a sense of confidence and peace overwhelms your soul and the life that once was mundane now becomes an adventure.

In this photo shoot we wanted to pull out the very core of her 'boss lady' vibes. To be edgy, creative, bold, unafraid and to show a sense of power over her life so that the crossroads can be climbed and the unknown is nothing but a new door to walk through.

Our model, Chelle, is caring, intelligent, intuitive, contemplative, is a deep thinker, and has the piercing eyes that can look into your soul and see something special. She is also a great dancer, has an infectious smile and beautiful lady curves! We wanted her real woman body and her fierce beauty to dominate this shoot and show her and our audience that you can be fearless and be damn good at it.

Her hair was cut in playful short layers with a razor and texture to give her a sleek but edgy look. We then lightened it to platinum blonde from a light brown, and added lavender roots for a pop of boldness. Her updo was professional yet artistic, adding that feminine yet intimidating factor.

We did her makeup with dark, smokey eyes and alluring lashes, cool tones and dark, dangerous lips. There are moments that you see her 'fight' in her face, and there are some where she is just beautiful, showing the soul from within. The scene was downtown San Luis Obispo in the urban parts of town. Places that were hard and noisy, where life can be overwhelming, so we could show that she can overcome anything.

All Photography was by the talented Bekah Nicholson of Bekah Nicholson Photography. You can visit her work or contact her by visiting

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