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A Bohemian Bride Love Story

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

To love yourself is the greatest step towards peace. This is not a story about ego, about vanity, about selfish desires, nor about self centered obsession...this is about seeing yourself as your true soul and feeling free.

Our bohemian bride model for this photo shoot is Heather. Heather is a beautiful and exotic single lady, and she has come to California because she is a free spirit who desires more than just the average life. She loves festivals, dancing, philosophy, civil rights, intellectual conversation, culture, and the beautiful freedom of just being herself and not feeling judged. Fear of not fitting in, or not going on the expected path in life can freeze a person up so that they cannot experience all of the adventures they are meant to have because they are expected to be someone they are not. Heather chooses to love who she is and is breaking free from the mold. She is the bride to her life, married to joy and will let love come in many ways along her journey.

Her hair has been freshly cut of about seven inches and is artistically painted in a balayage of multiple colors mimicking nature. We left her roots to blend and grow out and layered her hair in reds, golds and violets with a splash of ocean blue. The dimension is similar to when you look into a natural stone and see depth. We then put it into a dual braid updo and crowned her with a gold headpiece.

Her makeup is a mix of golds and sunset colors to bring out her exotic eyes. I added strip lashes, soft glossy lips and a shimmer to her skin so the glow of the beach would radiate on her face. The total look shows a refined but bohemian beauty matched with the wild scenery of Montana de Oro State park beach.

I truly love this photo shoot because it shows a woman ready for life and ready for love to open her heart to someone special. She is her true self as she dances with fire and looks to the ocean horizon full of hope and healing, feeling in that moment, that she is the goddess that she is.

Hair & Makeup by Kat Seidr of The Luna Loft Salon

Flower Bouquet by Kat Seidr

Photography by Bekah Nicholson of Bekah Nicholson Photography >

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