Summer Ready Hair & Kevin Murphy

Summer is fast approaching and it is getting warmer and vacation ready hair is a must! Mainly I have been doing lots of 'lights' and 'alayages' know like highlights, lowlights, balayage, foilayage, etc. Sunkissed goes from subtle shimmer to full out bright blonde and I have been pumping through the bleach! However I always use a bond builder and make sure your hair is treated and trimmed before you go so it stays shiny and soft! I added some recent photos of hair I have been working on so you can see all the different summer looks that are hot right now!

Also, don't forget about the Kevin Murphy!! Hair Resort is a perfect product to scrunch in your hair before the beach, pool, a cocktail party or wine tasting and you smell like summer with a subtle shimmer gleaming in your locks! Shimmer Treatment is also a good one that I am taking on my Caribbean cruise this July! You simply swirl the gold and spray it in for a conditioning leave in treatment, while gold flecks highlight your mane! Last but not least...Hydrate Me!! In a wash and in the rinse and also in a mask!!! To battle the dryness of being out in the sun, wind, playing on the water...whatever you fancy, Hydrate will put the moisture back in your ends and keep you rocking gorgeous hair.

For the guys...we have that 18.21 Manmade all in one shampoo, bodywash and conditioner which is moisturizing, smells amazing, is in a cool whisky bottle and is sulphate free!! Perfect gift for father's day ladies!!

So summer up and get your new hair groove on with some amazing products!

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