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Helping The Rain Forest

For the month of September The Luna Loft Hair & Skin Studio will be donating 50% of any Kevin Murphy product sales profits to the World Wildlife Fund Emergency to Help Stop Fires in the Amazon Rain Forest.

This is a very important part of our planet, the "lungs of the earth" and a diverse eco system that needs protecting! I personally have been donating and participating in saving this vast land full of super-foods, trees, endangered species, and amazing plant life since I was only eight years old.

Kevin Murphy products are a great example of sustainable beauty because they are made with nature made ingredients and the packaging will be packaged in plastic recycled from the ocean plastic waste! All of his products are cruelty-free and many of them are Vegan.

If you are already using Kevin Murphy please come and stock up to help donate to this cause, or come and pick out some products for the first time!

You can also go to the home page of the website and click the DONATE button to donate directly to The World Wildlife Fund specifically for the Amazon Rain Forest Fires Emergency Fund.

Let us show some love for our beautiful planet, the indigenous people and animals that live here and for the clean air we need for our survival.

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