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Must Know Hair Tips!

So you are wondering why your toner isn't lasting...or why your ends are dry...or why your hair seems flat...or why your hair is breaking off (yes it still grows from your head but will not seem so if your ends break) and so on!

Well here are some must know hair tips so you can get your hair back in tip top shape!

1. In the shower, wash your hair ONLY a few times per week, condition from the mid-shaft down, use sulfate FREE products, watch out for 'all natural' products that have ingredients that actually strip your hair's oils, and rinse your hair in cool water!

2. Get a regular trim or haircut to GROW your hair out! This will keep your hair healthy, breakage free and full so you don't have stringy thin ends.

3. Don't put your hair in tight hair-ties and buns that could break your hair off! Use claw clips, soft hair-ties, braid it and try scrunchies or bobby pins.

4. If you have HARD WATER, use a water softener or filter on your shower head so your hard water does not strip out your color! And no HOT water! It opens the cuticle and lets the color out, along with drying it out of all it's oils.

5. Use GOOD products! If you put a lot of yucky products with bad ingredients in your hair, you might as well not do any at all. Your hair can be styled with fewer high quality products and last longer, then using a low quality cheap product that actually damages your health!

6. Use HEAT PROTECTION. Please. If you blow out your hair, use heat tools or spend time in the hot sun, heat protection is your BFF! It will SAVE your hair from color and texture damage as well as dryness and breakage. Just make sure it's got great ingredients! I LOVE Kevin Murphy's Untangled Spray or Young Again Serum to keep my blonde soft and shiny!

7. Try Dry Shampoo! Between NOT shampooing your hair everyday, you can use a good quality dry shampoo to deodorize, absorb sweat and oil and keep your hair fluffy! I use Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair and it smells good, while not leaving a residue.

8. Try Purple Shampoo and Purple Conditioner in-between toning. IF you are a blondie like me then that gold can get a bit brassy at the end. I use Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash and Treatment between my toning once a week and it makes it come right out!

9. Brush your hair people! The oils from your scalp need to get to the ends and the only way that happens is if you use a natural hair brush to get it down there. You can also use a wood bristle brush! Gently brush your ends first, work your way up to get out tangles, then brush softly from scalp to tips.

10. Use a MASK or Coconut Oil 2-4 times a month depending on the dryness of your ends. I love Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me mask but you can also use an Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. Just take a big spoon full and melt it in your hands, then coat your hair 2 inches from the scalp in it. If you have itchy scalp, go ahead and slather it there as well. Let it sit wrapped up in plastic for 20 minutes. Wash it out and repeat when needed!

Hope some of these tips helped you figure out some hair pain in your life, and feel free to ask questions or book a styling session to learn some great ways to take care of your hair as well as do some new do's!

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